P r e s e n t a t i o n


Our company was founded in 1991.

Our recent company name we use for 4 years. Our club works with amators and professional boxer’s and of course we hawe a more professional’s from abroad.

Functioning by L.T.D. only for boxing my club is Nr. 1. in Hungary.

László Bognár, Zoltán Kalocsai, Loránd Szabó, András Gálfi etc... has taken their activity in this club, and here they arrived thier first and best professional results.

Our base is on Szekszárd one town situated 130 km south of Budapest, one town with 40.000 people where the boxing and the red wine has a good tradition.

My club Trainer is Szilágyi Richárd, and I’m the Manager and Owner.


                                                                                                         George Racz